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VP Development Director

Company: Hispanic Unity of Florida
Date Posted: February 2, 2016

About the HUF VP Development Director Position

I try not to use clichés but this one is particularly appropriate: “More Money More Mission”. This position, as you might imagine, is about “more money” but the true payback is that you get to change the world for the better because you are making “more mission” possible.


HUF – like every not-for-profit – has its unique funding model. Our main sources of funding are corporate and foundation grants, multi-year grants from a local taxing district as well as, revenue from one annual signature event and a small individual gifts program. To meet our growing client needs we must grow in all funding areas and in particular in unrestricted gifts.


Below you’ll find out what your day-to-day job will be like, learn if you would be a good “fit” for HUF and how to apply for this position if you want to join us in changing the world.



Your day-to-day job will be focused on establishing and deepening our corporate and donor relationships which will lead to the renewal and/or growth of these partnerships. This means everything from making pitches to creating the right development opportunities for our partners to saying thanks to tracking it all—from cultivation to stewardship.


The annual development process includes meeting with these partners, presenting them a Partnership Fulfillment Portfolio showcasing the impact their dollars had on the program/agency as a result of their investment and how their brand was marketed and/or recognized. A new agreement will be presented and signed. They will be invoiced (or a grant application will be submitted by the grants manager) and the fulfillment process for the next cycle will be outlined and followed through by the donor relations manager as directed by you. We use cloud based software to track fulfillment and we have a donor database.


We also identify and grow new prospects through introductions from others (other funders, board members, CEO).Our  usual first step is to invite individuals to a HUF Cafecito Empowerment Tour (Point of Entry - POE) at which we share compelling impact stories and give an overview of the organization. They receive our Impact materials and we share information on how efficiently and frugally we run the organization. We hold two Cafecito Empowerment tours per month. Each participant receives a call within the week of the tour at which point we either begin the cultivation process or “bless and release” if we are not a good fit. The CEO currently runs the tours.


You will work closely with the CEO in creating all development materials including the corporate partnership levels as well as all other giving programs. The CEO also will be very actively involved and available to make “the ask” for select major donors/funders.


You will also work closely with the Sr. VP/Strategic Partnerships & Programs and the COO to identify and establish relationships with new foundations – as well as – continue to steward existing foundation program officers.


Government funding:  We work in partnership with the county Human Services team. We have been successful in securing and renewing two federal grants. This is an area of great opportunity which is being led by the CEO. Your support will be critically important.


You will work closely with a team – CEO, Donor Relations Manager (reports to you) and a Marketing Manager (reports to CEO) to create, sell, manage and execute on fund raising events.


Most of development will involve team work both within the organization as well as with the board of directors. We view our funders and donors as part of the HUF family – partners, friends and family members working together to make great community change happen.


What kind of person will be successful in this role

It’s very important for our organization to find the right person to occupy this incredibly important position –

as Mr. Collins has taught us - “the right butt on the right seat” – will lead to a great company.


You must share our values. They are more than words. And they include: Integrity, transparency, respect, dignity, accountability, diversity, cultural-awareness, commitment to excellence, collaboration and teamwork.


You must be productively neurotic, self-motivated, self-disciplined and compulsively driven to do the best you can. It’s in your DNA. I refuse to “manage you”. The minute I do, we’ve made the wrong decision. (NOTE: this does NOT mean that I won’t work closely with you – on the contrary we will be two peas in a pod. But you should be able to motivate yourself, think for yourself, plan on your own and always aspire to do the best you can.) And in case you are wondering, yes, our management team consists of these types of folks. So if you’re not this way, you won’t feel very comfortable here.


You view your commitments as sacred – you do what you say – without complaint. So, this also means you only commitment when you are truly able.


You are passionate about your work and HUF and our mission. You display intensity and passion.


When things go well- it is others who made it happen. When they don’t, YOU take the hit. (Actually, I will take the hit - externally.) You learn and use these words, “I’m responsible.”

(I give full credit for most of the above to “How the Mighty Fall” by Jim Collins)


Do you want to change the world?

At HUF we do change lives - every day – in small and big significant ways. If you want to join a first-rate organization which doesn’t get everything right all the time, but we get the most important things right most of the times – then we’d love to chat with you.


So – send us your resume and let’s start working on ensuring that everyone is empowered to live their American dream.


Josie Bacallao


Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF)


Please email resume to:

Do NOT email me your resume directly please as I will NOT be doing the initial vetting!


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